2020: 1

My Vim setup

In which I discuss how I use Vim instead of an IDE to edit Java code.

6 minute read    code, vim, configuration

2019: 1

Influential albums

In which I talk about the music that was most influential in my life.

12 minute read    music

2018: 2

State of the Apps 2018

In which I make a list of stuff I have installed on my laptop, for future reference.

5 minute read    tools

2017: 2

2016: 2

2015: 4

Foobal, Moneyball

In which I deliver the final blow of delight and annoyance to my uncle.

1 minute read    foobal, statistics

Hacking Java enums

In which I show how to hack the Java language and break your code.

3 minute read    java, enum, equalsverifier, objenesis

Configuring my NAS

In which I setup my NAS to perform backups automatically.

4 minute read    synology, how-to

2014: 4

“It’s just test code”

In which I share how I managed to get my unit tests back under control.

8 minute read    unit-testing, java

On profiling

In which I manage to delight and annoy my uncle much more quickly.

4 minute read    profiling, visualvm, foobal

Inconsistent equality in C#

In which Eric Lippert follows up on the potential bug I found last time.

less than 1 minute read    c-sharp, equals

2013: 8

A better way of typing

In which you, dear reader, get your mind blown.

4 minute read    compose-key, os-x, windows, linux, how-to

Foobal: A New Hope

In which I look forward to a new year of delighting and annoying my uncle.

1 minute read    foobal, bug

Testing events in C#

In which I share my solution to a surprisingly tricky problem.

7 minute read    c-sharp, event-handling, unit-testing

On transitivity

In which I follow up on a problem I discovered in my previous post.

4 minute read    equals, equalsverifier, java

2012: 9

Crummy word processors

In which I rant about blogging platforms.

4 minute read    telegram, posterous, wordpress, blogspot, blog, wordperfect

2011: 5

Devoxx 2011 post-mortem

In which I list the talks I liked the most.

2 minute read    code, devoxx, java, scala, talk

On learning Arabic

In which I discuss the things that fascinate me about the Arabic language.

5 minute read    arabic, language

Holy serafins!

In which I discover a piece of BASIC code in Umberto Eco's novel Foucault's Pendulum.

1 minute read    code, literature, references-in-popular-culture, umberto-eco