There is a YouTube playlist of my talks.

Main talks

Exploring Sustainability in Tech (without the guilt-trips)

A panel discussion with the audience about what we can do about climate change as software developers and human beings.
Delivered at Devoxx 2022 and J-Fall 2022.

Building a Bullshit Language

How I took Java annotations to their logical extreme by implementing a fully functioning, Turing-complete LISP dialect within them.

Fantastic Languages and What to learn from them

A fast-paced overview of a lot of different programming languages, intended to entertain and perhaps even change a mind or two.
Delivered at Devoxx UK 2021 and J-Fall 2021.

Just enough computer science for the busy developer

A brief overview of CS topics that are relevant in the day-to-day work of every developer.
Delivered at J-Fall 2021.

Java from a Parallel Universe

What Java would look like in a world where annotations were never invented.
Delivered at J-Spring 2019 and J-Fall 2019.

Don't hack the platform? ☠️💣💥️

A funny anthology of tricks and hacks for the JVM.
Voted 2018’s ‘best non-Venkat talk’ by the J-Fall audience!
Delivered at J-Fall 2018, JavaZone 2018, JBCNConf 2018 and more.

Not all equals methods are created equal

How to write a good equals method, and to test it with EqualsVerifier.
Delivered at Devoxx 2017 and JAX London 2021.

Growing a DSL for financial calculations

The story of how my colleague and I ‘discovered’ a Scala DSL for writing complex mortgage calculations.
Delivered at Typelevel Summit Oslo 2016 and Codestar Launch Event.

Functional Programming in Java 6/7

How to apply principles from functional programming in older versions of Java.


  • How Java annotations work
    9 November 2023, J-Fall ignite session
    [slides] [video]
  • Upgrading Scala 2.12 to 2.13
    23 August 2019, Codestar brown-bag session
  • Reactive Streams: Fast data processing
    January 2016, Ordina Code & Comedy
  • Scala
    11 June 2014, Sogeti
    🇳🇱 [video]