Abstract delegation

Abstract delegation: Foo's equals method delegates to an abstract method
Abstract delegation: Foo's hashCode method delegates to an abstract method

This error can occur when the class under test, one of its fields, or its superclass, is abstract, and their equals or hashCode method calls an abstract method.

EqualsVerifier creates instances of the class under test and its superclass and repeatedly calls their equals and hashCode methods. However, it can’t create implementations of abstract methods. The “Abstract delegation” error therefore occurs when calling equals or hashCode would throw an AbstractMethodError.

If one of the fields has an abstract type, the error can be avoided by calling withPrefabValues for that type. For other cases, there is currently no solution. Try rewriting the class so that equals and hashCode can use fields, instead of the abstract method.

Note that, from version 1.1.4, EqualsVerifier includes the name of the abstract method that caused the error in its error message.