Migration guide 2 to 3

When migrating from EqualsVerifier 2 to 3, there are a few things you should be aware of. (See also the changelog).

  • EqualsVerifier 3 no longer supports Java 7. Don’t upgrade if you’re still using Java 7.
  • Warning.ANNOTATION has been removed, as it’s no longer needed: EqualsVerifier can now handle any bytecode reading issues by itself. You can safely remove the warning; it won’t affect your code or how the EqualsVerifier test is run.
  • The content and layout of error messages is slightly different. If you have tools that depend on this, make sure these still work. You could also consider using EqualsVerifier#report() instead of EqualsVerifier#verify().
  • EqualsVerifier is now smarter when it comes to type erasure. In rare cases, a ClassCastException would be thrown by EqualsVerifier when it couldn’t figure out the correct generic types. You can now fix those with #withGenericPrefabValues(). See this page for more information.

If you encounter any other problems, please let me know in the issue tracker.