The Alan Parsons Live Project


  1. I Robot
  2. (The System of) Dr. Tarr and Professor Fether
  3. Don’t Answer Me
  4. Luciferama
  5. Breakdown / The Raven
  6. Time
  7. I Wouldn’t Want to Be Like You
  8. One More River
  9. Don’t Let It Show


  1. Damned If I Do
  2. The Turn of a Friendly Card Part One
  3. Snake Eyes
  4. The Ace of Swords
  5. Nothing Left to Lose
  6. The Turn of a Friendly Card Part Two
  7. Psychobabble
  8. All Our Yesterdays
  9. Prime Time
  10. Sirius / Eye in the Sky


  1. Old and Wise
  2. Games People Play

Band members

  • alan parsons: Alan Parsons
  • tambourine, vocals: PJ Olsson
  • guitar, vocals: Alastair Greene
  • keys, vocals: Manny Focarazzo
  • bass, vocals: Guy Erez
  • drums, vocals: Danny Thompson
  • sax, vocals: Todd Cooper

The company