The Alan Parsons Live Project


  1. I Robot
  2. Damned If I Do
  3. Don’t Answer Me
  4. Breakdown / The Raven
  5. Luciferama
  6. Day After Day (The Show Must Go On)
  7. La Sagrada Familia
  8. Time
  9. Psychobabble
  10. I Wouldn’t Want to Be Like You
  11. We Play the Game
  12. Don’t Let it Show
  13. Prime Time
  14. Sirius / Eye in the Sky


  1. Can’t Take it With You
  2. Old and Wise
  3. Games People Play

Band members

  • alan parsons: Alan Parsons
  • vocals: Kip Winger
  • guitar, vocals: Godfrey Townsend
  • keys, vocals: Manny Focarazzo
  • bass, vocals: John Montagna
  • drums, vocals: Steve Murphy

The company



Karel and I went to the Eindhoven concert yesterday. We were supposed to meet Klaus, but unfortunately he couldn’t make it, as you all know. We did have a very good time, the band plays the songs very well.

The setlist was exactly the same as the one posted here earlier, although they didn’t play Dr Tarr, unfortunately.

It was fun to watch Steve juggling his drum sticks. One time, he almost didn’t catch it, and John saw it happen. They had a good laugh about it.

Alan mentioned on stage that he had had dinner before the show with the guy who organises the Night of the Proms concerts each year, and that he would show him how his songs are played with orchestra and choir. Unfortunately he didn’t have an orchestra with him, but he did have a choir: the audience. So we rehearsed the “freedom, freedom” bit from Breakdown, and performed it. It was fun :). BTW, Alan having dinner with the NotP-guy, does that mean that he might be at next year’s edition of Night of the Proms? That would be nice :). They could have John Miles sing a couple of songs with them :).

During the encore, the entire audience was singing along with Old & Wise. That was a great moment. They ended with an energetic rendition of Games People Play, again with a large portion of the crowd singing along. Really nice.

When the concert was over, I left quickly, to catch my train, go home and get some sleep. I haven’t been to the Police, but I did go to the Symforce festival in Tilburg the day before (which was great, BTW: I saw Focus, Riverside, Pendragon and the Flower Kings, and those were just 4 of the 11 bands that were there). So, altogether, a great weekend :).


P.S. Can anybody please explain Alan’s coat? He looked like a giant bell boy in need of a haircut :).