The Alan Parsons Live Project


  1. The Time Machine (Part 1)
  2. Can’t Take It With You
  3. Breakdown / The Raven
  4. What Goes Up…
  5. Psychobabble
  6. Luciferama
  7. Out of the Blue [Tony Hadley]
  8. True [Tony Hadley]
  9. Gold [Tony Hadley]
  10. Through The Barricades [Tony Hadley]


  1. Prime Time
  2. I Can’t Look Down
  3. Old and Wise
  4. Press Rewind
  5. The Very Last Time
  6. (The System of) Doctor Tarr and Professor Fether
  7. Standing on Higher Ground


  1. Sirius / Eye in the Sky
  2. Games People Play [Tony Hadley & Neil Lockwood]

Band members

  • tambourine, acoustic guitar: Alan Parsons
  • vocals: Neil Lockwood
  • vocals: Tony Hadley
  • guitar, saxophone: Ian Bairnson
  • keys: John Beck
  • bass: Dick Nolan
  • drums: Stuart Elliott

The company

Karel, Aart, the rest of the Roadkill crew


Hi all,

Just back from the Utrecht concert… It was great! Of course I can’t compare it to other shows (this was my first one), but: it was great!

The pre-concert meeting went very well; Karel, who was the “driving force” behind the whole meeting, did a great job doing, well, actually nothing :) It was nice to meet Aart, Roelant, Mathijs, Arnoud, and all the others I forgot (please don’t flame me if I forgot anyone; I’m tired now :) Between the cafe and the restaurant, Karel and Roelant did a little “pre-show” in a store that sells musical instruments: Karel on piano, and later (when Karel started Eye in the Sky) Roelant on vocals… It was really good; when will you release a cd? :) Later, in the Chineses restaurant, Karel again surprised most of us by talking to the waiters in actual Chinese (Kantonese, right Karel? :) of which of course nobody understood a single thing. :)

Before the show, in the theatre, I bought the official Time Machine Tour T-Shirt which looks really cool… There were also posters available, but only after the show, but unfortunately I forgot to get one after the show… :(

The concert itself was great. They played The Time Machine, Can’t Take It With You, Breakdown, The Raven, What Goes Up. After that my memory gets a little blurry :) Could anyone help me “reconstructing” the setlist? :) I loved Ian’s solo on Psychobabble which was a solo that I completely didn’t expect… It was really… uh… strange :) Highlight of the evening was (for me at least) Prime Time, and not just Ian’s solo (which was excellent!)

I have managed to sneak my photocamera inside and I took some pictures (which are probably too dark; but we’ll see when I have them developed)… I only took three or four pictures during the concert, partly because I just forgot to do so, and partly because two security people came to someone in front of me (Ben, that was you, right? :) and took him away because he was making pictures during the show :)

Thanks to Aart, I got backstage as well… I didn’t really count on getting backstage at all, but I did! Aart, thanks again! It was kinda fun meeting them, although Ian didn’t come out and I made a complete fool of myself in front of Stuart (I read somewhere he never forgets a face… if that’s true, I’m screwed :) because the pen I brought to sign my Japanese TTM cover with appeared to be leaking… Afterwards, it was probably someone else’s pen (because mine was black, and Stuart had blue ink all over his fingers). He did sign it though, after which he went away to wash his hands while I stumbled out some apologies… :) I got John, Dick and Neil to sign my ticket, and eventually also Alan signed my Japanese TTM while he was heading for the exit; I was just in time…

After the band had left, I saw on the clock there was still time to catch the latest train home so with Karel and Arnoud I rushed back to the station. We all did catch our trains… and now I’m home! And tired…

NP Silence and Nothing