About me

I work as a developer at Codestar in the Netherlands. I’m a polyglot developer and have professionally written code in languages such as Delphi, Ruby, Java, and yes, even VBScript. For the past several years I have been enjoying Scala.

I’m the author of EqualsVerifier, a tool to make rigourously testing Java’s equals and hashCode methods a one-liner.



  • September 2018, JavaZone Oslo
    Don’t hack the platform? ☠️💣💥



In English

In Dutch

  • My publications in the Dutch Java Magazine
  • Brief en leed, a funny letter-writing blog I did with my friend Ralf
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  • Voorstel voor een methode voor de kwantitatieve analyse en vergelijking van beeldverhalen, a way too in-depth survey of Asterix jokes
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I often go to concerts, and I keep a list.