About this website

Hi there! I’m Jan Ouwens, a software developer from the Netherlands. You might know me from my EqualsVerifier project, or from the talks I sometimes give.

I have worked in many different domains: banking, train operations, image processing for electron microscopes, and ITIL process management, to name just a few. I try to be a polyglot, so I have worked with various different languages such as Java, C#, Typescript, Delphi, Ruby, Jess (a Prolog-like language with a Lisp-like syntax), and yes, even VBScript. Currently I’m working mostly in Scala. Like any self-respecting nerd, I also have an app!

When I’m not coding (or doing other things), I like to write, usually in Dutch. See for example my old blog Brief en leed, my Master’s thesis on wireless video streaming or my way too in-depth survey of Asterix jokes. Oh, and this blog, obviously.

You can find me on LinkedIn, GitHub, StackOverflow, Twitter, Pinboard, and Last.fm. Speaking of Last.fm: here’s a list of all the concerts that I’ve been to since 1999.